Three years ago father and daughter, Buck Martinez and Krissy Webb, inspired by the need to create a new generation of leaders, launched a high school leadership program named Student ACES. Buck Martinez has been in the energy industry over 35 years and has been active throughout his career coaching and mentoring high school and college students. He has a passion for helping and enabling our youth by providing them leadership skills that will enable them to be successful and responsible leaders in their schools, their communities and with their families. Krissy has worked in the service and nonprofit sector for over twelve years. She has tremendous organization skills and is passionate about creating the next generation of leaders in our country.

Student ACES (ACE) was founded to create a pathway for young men and women to achieve the highest standards of leadership. The inspiration for Student ACES is derived from our deepest desire to see every student achieve a foundation of leadership that will generate positive outcomes and tremendous success in their lives.

“Throughout my professional career I have been inspired by young men and women who dedicate themselves to be the best at what they do. Whether it is sports, academics, or serving in their respective communities; they sacrifice much to excel. This commitment and dedication inspires and motivates me to, not only start Student ACES, but to lay a foundation for future generations. My commitment is to bring leadership principles to many students and provide them basic building blocks to succeed. As a business professional for over 30 years, a high school and college athlete, and blessed with a marriage of 35 years, I have experienced and witnessed tremendous leadership challenges. My most memorable and rewarding experiences, however, were always attained when teaching, and or, coaching my three daughters and many of their teammates and classmates.” – Buck Martinez

“Giving strong-minded students confidence and leadership skills while introducing them to today’s top leaders puts the future of our country in prepared, capable hands. It is important to me to have good leaders for my young girls to look up to” – Krissy Webb

As we mentor and coach these students, we believe they will develop a community of ACE Scholars. The goal of Student ACES and my personal commitment is to help student athletes optimize their leadership potential and experience a high level of drive and inspiration.

Miami Student ACES Program Sponsored By FPL