XPE Press Release

Monday, May 22, 2017

To our valued clients, partners, and suppliers

XPE is pleased to announce our partnership with Student ACES (ACE: Athletics + Community + Education) a 501(c) 3 organizaton dedicated to impactng our country by developing the next generaBon of leaders; young men and women of character, honor and integrity. ACE does this by providing best-in-class leadership curriculum, mentoring and projects that make a difference in their community. Key teachings include:

– Respect

– Trust

– Winning Atitude

– Ethical Behavior

– Work Ethic

– Integrity

– Support your Peers

Our relationship will include incorporating XPE’s performance training within ACES leadership program. The benefits of our partnership are invaluable for the high school students. Athletic training develops communication, decision-making and team building skills—all essential traits for a leader. Furthermore, the students will see the health benefits and hopefully use their experience with our certified trainers as a foundation to living an active, healthy lifestyle in their adulthood. “we are excited to partner with one of the leading performance training companies to compliment the leadership skills that we teach.” Krissy Webb, Executive Director, Student ACES.

We are very excited about our new collaboration and look forward to training our country’s future! Please feel free to contact us and for more information about XPE Sports, please follow us on social media or view our website at xpesports.com.

Best regards,

Bill Welle

Owner, CEO, Master Trainer XPE Sports, Inc.


Miami Student ACES Program Sponsored By FPL