The Student ACE Leadership (ACE) program creates a pathway for young men and women to achieve the highest standards of leadership. Each student will achieve a foundation of leadership that will enable each student to generate positive outcomes and success in each phase of their life.

The objective of the program is to develop tomorrow’s leaders by providing best-in-class leadership curriculum, mentoring and projects that make a difference in their community. ACE students are identified and selected for their outstanding leadership potential. They are taught leadership skills in an interactive classroom setting with peers from other schools. ACE students are exposed to national leaders through guest lecturer appearances and community initiatives. ACE students participate in community projects throughout multiple counties. Class subjects include, Leadership Styles, Team Dynamics, Ethics and Morality, The Power of Attitude, and Commanding Respect and Earning Trust, Self-Image and Brand and fiscal Management.

Students that participate in the ACE Program will learn valuable life learning’s as well as, learn to interact with peers and community leaders. It is anticipated that students engaging in this program will have a valuable leadership foundation going into college.

The Student ACES program is not only about leadership development but about self-development and values. The topics addressed and the skills reviewed and learned will transfer to the students’ professional workplace and are likely to endure through all phases of their lives. Because learnings which we view as foundational for leadership, will develop during the duration of the program, many of the skills are transferrable to leadership positions on and off campus, i.e. Athletics, Student Government, internships, and the workplace.

As a result of active engagement in this course and course materials, students will;

  • Understand and apply the appropriate leadership model to apply leadership experiences on campus
  • Increase self-awareness through critical thinking and exploration of values, beliefs, culture, and identity
  • Appreciate the relationship between ethics and leadership
  • Compare and contrast traditional and emergent paradigms of leadership
  • Begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership

Miami Student ACES Program Sponsored By FPL